If you can’t beat ‘em, join’em: 2017 Document Management Trends

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We’re already halfway done with 2017 (can you believe it!?), and many of the trends we predicted in January have come to fruition this year. From mobile to the cloud and everywhere in between, document management/AP automation has gotten trendy.

The Cloud: Document management/paperless automation solutions are no longer plug-and-play pieces of hardware, they are fully integrated in the cloud. In today’s society, when more and more employees are working remotely and accessing information from various smart devices, it’s crucial that information is within reach from wherever their office is.

Mobile Technology: These days, your mobile device is an extension of you. It keeps you from getting lost, makes sure you’re up-to-speed on everything your friends, family, colleagues, former classmates and crushes are up to on social media, keeps you constantly connected to work (even when you don’t want to be) and provides endless streams of information. With that in mind, you want to make sure your solution providers optimize their technology to work seamlessly on mobile devices. Document management/AP automation solutions have become mobile-friendly, meaning that you can review and route documents while on-the-go.

Collaboration: Teamwork is key, especially when it comes to document approval. Sending emails has become archaic, and passing paper documents from office-to-office – do people even do that anymore? All of this means that collaboration is an automated process, as documents get routed automatically to the correct approver within your company. This also means you may need to come up with a different excuse to socialize with your coworkers that doesn’t include giving them a stack of paperwork to approve!

Scalability: Even the smallest companies want to make sure they’re getting the latest-and-greatest technology to make them more efficient. Many document management solution providers are offering a less robust solution, with functionality that can be added on as a company grows. On the other side of the spectrum, large enterprises often want all the functionality that they can get, all within one streamlined system.

Which trends have you seen within the paperless automation space this year, and which trends are you still on the lookout for?

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