Associating a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365

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How to associate a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365

In Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012, a user ID must be associated with a worker to complete task such as approving a journal entry. Similarly, Dynamic 365 will have a user ID associated with a person. After the person is added, do the following steps to associate a User ID with a person.

  • Navigate to: System Administration > Users > Users
  • Find the user ID that needs an associated person. Click the hyperlink user ID.

  • User 'Person' locate the name and click select.

  • Click 'Save' to save your changes.

  • The user ID is now associated with a person.




This article was written by Columbus Global. Columbus is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner.

2 thoughts on “Associating a Person/Worker with a User ID in Dynamics 365”

  1. Hello

    If you delete a user before removing the person record, upon re-importing the user the person record is still linked to the old account and you cannot select it again. Is there any way around this?



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