Take the Pain out of Budgeting while Using Excel

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by Mary Schmidt

The budgeting process can be complex and, to accomplish what you need, there are several sophisticated budgeting solutions available on the market. A major consideration that is overlooked when assessing these various solutions is the amount of training an end user will ultimately need. This is important to consider when you have users who may only need to use the software once or twice a year. Most users prefer to enter their budget data into Microsoft Excel because it is not only a powerful financial tool but users are also already familiar with it, saving both them and you the pain of needing to train in a new system. The question then becomes, if Microsoft Excel is the preferred tool that requires little to no training, how do you then load your budget data from Excel into your accounting system? Full Circle Budget, an Excel add-in that integrates directly with your accounting system, is the answer. As long as the Excel file has the key fields your ERP requires – GL account number, budget period, and budget ID or ledgerid – then with the click of a mouse you can save your budget data directly from Excel into your accounting system.

Full Circle Budget Features:

  • Ability to save line item detail
  • Ability to save quantity and unit costs
  • Ability to save comments
  • Integrates with Dynamics GP and SL
  • Customizable for other ERP systems

You can learn more about Full Circle Budget at fullcirclebudget.com.

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