The Revamped Help System in Dynamics 365 has Answers to all Your Questions

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Dynamics 365 is like an ocean – an ocean of information, apps, knowledge, and tools. And although it offers everything you need to manage your business (and its operations), getting around it can get overwhelming at times. That’s where the revamped help system can help – the Wiki articles and task guides offer all the information you need, and help you get through Dynamics 365 with ease.


Dynamics 365 help

Enter the World of Wikis

Unlike earlier versions of Dynamics AX, where help content was delivered via the Help Server and the TechNet, Dynamics 365 Help is offered through a cloud based Wiki system – one that not only brings a whole new approach for discovering and consuming help, but is also more process and task oriented. The Wiki articles are readily available for you to use anytime, and anywhere. Fully public, it doesn’t require you to sign in to search for content. What’s more, you can use any of your favorite search engines to find content. And by signing in with your Microsoft account, you can also comment on available content, or add new content to a wiki link, if required. With Dynamics 365 wiki being the primary source of product documentation:

  • Get access to the latest content. Wiki offers the fastest, most flexible way to create, deliver, and update product documentation so you always have access to the latest technical information.
  • Add content like an expert. If you’re an SME (irrespective of whether you work inside or outside of Microsoft), wiki gives you the freedom to edit and enhance existing content – feel free to provide a rich set of product documentation for the community.
  • Access a variety of content types. Wiki not just offers information in the form of articles, but also in the form of presentations, task guides, and videos.
  • Get business process specific content. Looking for quality assurance content? The Dynamics 365 wiki offers not just generic but also business process–focused content. Take advantage of the Business Process Modeler (BPM) in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) and get the precise information you’re looking for.
  • Set up RSS feeds. Setting up RSS feeds for wiki content is a breeze. You can set up feeds for a range of items – new posts, updates to an existing topic, new topics for a specific audience, industry, category, or region.


Leverage the Experience of Task Guides

If you’re looking for an interactive help experience that leads you through the steps of a task or business process, the controlled and guided task guides (provisioned using LCS) are for you. This task guide can be uploaded onto LCS and integrated with the Business Process Modeler and Configuration. Open any Task guide from the Dynamics 365 Help pane, and get step-by-step instructions about the task. Perform the action that is indicated, and enter data as directed to get the information you want.

Retail product hierarchy


With the interactive task guide you can:

  • Choose to record all your tasks. By using the task recorder, you can choose to have all the actions that you perform in Dynamics 365 recorded. These recordings can then be displayed in the Help pane and can offer step-by-step instructions in the form of pop-ups.
  • Get procedural steps. Another way to use task recordings is to use the Help pane and search for them. Read the steps of a task recording in the Help pane, or opt to play the recording as a task guide and be guided through the UI with procedural steps.
  • Save task records to your Business Process Manager. Another way to create task guides is by saving a task recording in the BPM library in LCS. As soon as you do this, a flowchart diagram is generated and displayed, together with the steps of the recording that can be shown as Help.
  • Save task records as Word documents. Want printable training guides? Save recordings as Microsoft Word documents and easily produce printable training guides for your organization.
  • Create customized task recordings. You can also create your own task recordings (or download and customize existing recordings) that reflect your specific Dynamics 365 implementation and is relevant to the specific needs of your organization.

Task recorder

Make the most of Dynamics 365

When a system like Dynamics 365 is set to bring about digital transformation, the Help segment needs to be exceptional. The revamped D365 Help system is aimed at helping you get through Dynamics 365 with ease. Get all the information you need in the form of Help Wiki, roadmap, and task guides, leverage the umpteen features of the system, and make the most out of your Dynamics 365 investment.

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