Be Proactive, Utilize Routine Checklists in Dynamics GP

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Preventing unwanted data issues is imperative in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Just like your car requires routine oil changes, your Dynamics GP also benefits from routine checkups. Instead of scrambling to remember what you need to do or where to find the windows at the end of each period, utilize the Routine Checklists. You can use what is currently available and/or customize them to your company’s specific needs.


For example, with Receivables Management (AR), sometimes there are interruptions, customizations, etc. that can cause the document to have a current transaction amount of zero. This means that it looks like it has been fully applied even though an apply record does not exist for the document.


At period end, when running the Paid Transaction Removal routine, since the current transaction amount is looked at, the documents with a zero dollar current transaction amount are moved from open to history. Then when the RM Historical Aged Trial Balance (HATB) with Options report is ran, because the report looks at the apply record which does not exist, the document now prints as a document that is not fully applied, even though it exists in history.


To mitigate this situation, it is important to add a couple items to the period end checklist. For example, here is what your list could look like to help mitigate the situation:

  1. Backup 1
  2. Aging
  3. Reconcile to GL
  4. Finance Charges
  5. Statements
  6. Transfer Commissions
  7. RM HATB with Options Report
  8. Backup 2
  9. Paid Transaction Removal
  10. RM HATB with Options Report
  11. Compare Reports


If any discrepancies exist, you might need to restore to the second backup or you might need to use the Professional Services Tools Library RM Transaction Unapply tool.


This tip provided by the Support team at Rockton Software. New to Dynamics GP and looking for more tips and tricks? Download our free eBook: Tips & Tricks for NEW Microsoft Dynamics GP Users here!

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