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If you’ve been following MetaViewer, you may have noticed that we’ve been extra busy touting some awesome, enhanced functionality. Our team of automated document management experts are always developing new features and making sure that our software is something that end users can benefit from and continue to utilize with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP as technology advances.

If your organization is serious about implementing document management, this is functionality that you may want to keep an eye out for in the systems you are considering.

Journal Entry

Many document management solutions, like MetaViewer, have a workflow that gives users the ability to submit Journal Entries electronically for approval and export to GP’s Financial General Transaction Entry screen. One of our favorite aspects: the ability to attach other document pages, such as invoices, as supporting documentation.

Journal Entry within MetaViewer is completely automated. This means that, after a user submits the Journal Entry, it will be automatically routed to the next workflow step for approval, where it will be reviewed and routed for a final review. The reviewers (and number of reviews and approvals) are predicated on your unique, defined business rules.

Here’s where your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution comes in again: After final approval, Journal Entries are exported to GP in a Journal Entry batch for further processing. After the export to GP, the Journal Entry will be archived for easy future search and retrieval. This means that not only are your invoices and other documents routed automatically, but your journal entries are, too.

This functionality is vital to the success and accuracy of your accounting department, especially when it merges so seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This eliminates the need to reconcile invoices with sticky notes or entries written in pen in the margins. Managing journal entries electronically through your document management solution also means that you never miss a step in the review and approval process.

Expense Reporting

You love submitting your expenses in the form of a spreadsheet, right?


Document management systems, like MetaViewer, often have a workflow built in that allows you to submit expense reports for approval, and export them to Microsoft Dynamics GP as a non-PO invoice.

The process is simple and seamless. The requester enters header and line item data, like an invoice. Also similar to creating an invoice, the user can attach document pages, such as receipts. These can be scans or images of the receipts. The expense reports go through an automated workflow, giving the requester the ability to view and update expense reports that have not been submitted. Maybe you’re at a work conference and are uploading receipts as you go. No problem! Simply go back into your expense report and continue to update it. Once the expense report goes through the proper approval process, it can be exported to Microsoft Dynamics GP as a non-PO invoice where it is archived for future search and retrieval.

If you’re already using MetaViewer to route invoices, then the expense reporting and journal entry workflows will feel very familiar to you. Automating these processes is another step toward becoming 100 percent paperless and streamlining your entire organization!

One system with so many uses – now that’s productivity!

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