MES system integrated QA/QC reporting for your Dynamics NAV

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Quality assurance and 100% documented process control through all production stages in a manufacturing company becomes more and more important. In fact a customer demand in many places.

Most quality assurance/control systems are stand-alone systems with no integration to the manufacturing execution system.

Think about the benefits to get if your quality control reporting ran as an integrated part of the factory floor execution of production order processes.

That is, as well as the operator starts a job and ends a job, reporting good and scrapped pieces, he now also receives various process quality instructions to be measured and recorded against, either by the operator himself or a called QA person.

Processing of QA/QC related activities  as a part of the normal operator process execution give many obvious advantages:

You do not have to think anymore as every QA activity is guided at the right spot. The QA-system tell people what to observe and what to record and document. Also you can lean back well knowing that all QA related activities are 100% completed when production is finished, and last not least all recorded information can later be retrieved when needed.

Fortunately such a system is available as part of the NAVEKSA MES - Manufacturing execution for Dynamics NAV.

Have a look at:


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