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Manufacturing Features of Dynamics GP

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    Do I Need the Manufacturing Features of Dynamics GP?  
    Understanding Dynamics GP Inventory vs. Manufacturing

    Deciding whether you need the additional Manufacturing functionality in Dynamics GP, over just Inventory, can be difficult.  I asked our in-house Support Team expert, Carla, to help me understand the differences.

    It was sweet deal – I finally understood the difference and really got a clear picture of what BOM, Routing, Lots, etc. were.  Her examples were in terms of cupcakes and I love cupcakes – who doesn’t!

    Dynamics GP Inventory

    At a high level, a company that has a simple production process is just fine using the inventory feature's in Dynamics GP. For example, you purchase already made cupcakes, turn around and sell them. We only really care about recording the finished production, or it's recorded after the fact.

    Dynamics GP Manufacturing

    However, if my company makes cupcakes, I need Manufacturing in Dynamics GP. I would need to track things like materials, recipes, labor, machine time, etc. Therefore, I am tracking all the things and steps that go into the production of my cupcakes. Manufacturing in Dynamics GP provides more functionality related to the recipe of the cupcake and the methods I use to get my finished cupcakes.

    See, that's not too difficult, when explained in terms of cupcakes.

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