Is Your eCommerce Store Achieving Budgeted Sales Targets?

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Is your eCommerce store achieving budgeted sales targets?


Fact: eCommerce site not making enough sales

Many companies who have expanded in the eCommerce world have faced disappointment when their eCommerce web store has failed to perform as well as they expected.

Reason: eCommerce is much more than an online web store

Just designing a good eCommerce web store is no guarantee that it will be successful. With millions of sites competing, bringing traffic to a site is a lot more difficult than you might think. Attention to the details of your eCommerce strategy is essential.

Do you have the right eCommerce strategy and the means to implement it?

Do you have the right eCommerce strategy and means to implement it?

Are you using the right eCommerce strategy?

The first step in setting up an online eCommerce store is having a very clear sense of direction and a strategic plan. Unplanned or badly planned ventures are destined to fail. Sadly, many such ventures fail even before they take off.

It requires dedication and hard work to attract quality traffic to your eCommerce site. A well-made plan is useless without flawless execution. Here are a few questions that need to be answered to establish the prospects of becoming successful in the eCommerce marketplace:

  • How well you know your customers? Have you identified who your customers are?
  • Have you developed your 'Customer’s Persona' on Social media
  • is your offer compatible with what your customers are looking for?
  • Have you reached out, with your message, to the sites your customers go to?
  • Is your SEO being done in a well-planned and scientific manner?
  • How active are you with Social media and content marketing?

Are you using the right eCommerce software?

The choice of the eCommerce software that you use to develop your web store is extremely important. It is always advisable to use Enterprise eCommerce software with a big market share compared to a basic eCommerce solution. It is like comparing Dynamics GP with someone writing a program in their basement.

Are you using the right eCommerce software?

Combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Enterprise eCommerce

X2x eCommerce provides the advantage of using the power of an enterprise eCommerce program integrated with Dynamics GP. X2x adds a new eCommerce module inside of Dynamics GP which make Dynamics GP fully eCommerce compatible.


Combining the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Enterprise eCommerce



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