How to Bulk Update Open Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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How to Bulk Update Open Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Why it Matters

Traditionally, updating sales orders (or any open sales document really) in Microsoft Dynamics GP requires the user to manually open and perform changes to all detail lines in an order series, one after the other. While this is doable for very small batches and orders, it becomes time-consuming and inefficient for larger ones.

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TitaniumGP recently released a new feature to its productivity suite for Dynamics GP that enables GP users to quickly update multiple open sales documents on both header and detail lines levels (the tool supports over 45 different fields in the Sales Transaction Entry window. See the complete list). The feature, which is an extension of the copy/paste tool for Excel and Dynamics GP, makes it easy to update open sales order information (for example Batch ID, Shipping to Address, Sales Territory, Request Ship Date etc.) and add additional information to open sales orders (for example Freight Costs, Tracking Numbers, Processing Fees etc.), simply by copying and pasting data from Excel to Dynamics GP.

While TitaniumGP can be used to update all open sales documents (quotes, sales orders, invoices, returns, backorders and fulfillment orders), as well as all master data (e.g. customers, customer addresses and items), this blog provides instructions on how to update open sales orders. Specifically, it will discuss three scenarios, and demonstrate how to easily update open sales orders for each of them.

Scenario 1 – Bulk Update Batch ID for a Series of Sales Orders in Dynamics GP

A company is about to launch a new product. The official launch day is December 1st, and the company has been taking pre-orders from its distributors during the months leading up to the big release. No orders are to ship out before the official launch day, and accordingly, all pre-orders have been entered in Dynamics GP with the batch ID set to ‘HOLD’. That way the warehouse knows not to ship out the products.

Come December 1st and it’s time to release the orders for shipment. Traditionally, the customer service rep would have to manually open all orders and change batch ID from ‘HOLD’ to ‘READY’. Obviously, this would take a lot of time for large order series.

Instead, with TitaniumGP, the customer service rep can bulk update all orders in minutes. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1: Update and Copy Your Sales Order Data from Excel

Basically, updating sales orders with TitaniumGP follows the same processes as when creating sales orders.

The screenshot below shows the sales orders we want to update in Dynamics GP. It’s important to pay attention to the column headings as they will tell Dynamics GP what to do with the data.

Action: the Action = Update column tells Dynamics GP to update existing sales orders rather than creating new ones. You cannot update sales orders without the ‘Update’ column.

Batch Id: this column is variable and sets the new batch ID in Dynamics GP – in this scenario it’s set to READY as we want to ship out our orders.

Document No: the document number identifies which orders we want to update.

As shown, we’ve already updated our batch IDs to READY.

  • Simply select the range of data containing the sales orders you want to update.
  • Press Ctrl + C or click the Copy icon in Excel.


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