Top Features to Put on Your Distribution ERP Software Checklist

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The Importance of Customization Distribution ERP software will most fully fit your organization if it has a customizable element to it. When reporting and programming can be individually customized by you, you can save the time and hassle which ultimately costs money and accompanies adjustments so extensive. Following are a number of top-priority features to take into consideration when choosing ERP software for distribution.

Software Support That Is Proactive Regardless of the skill with which a software package is designed, or an IT team has been configured, it's very likely issues will arise given time. Sometimes exterior factors like electrical surges or infections of the viral variety come into play as well. For this reason alone, any distribution ERP software you employ should include proactive, dependable support; not just reactive support. Such support can help you get the software properly configured so that it works at optimum efficiency from the start. Also, this support shouldn't be only remote; some problems cannot be resolved except by on-site interaction. Additionally, this support should be available in general even should all systems continue to operate optimally. As your ERP software becomes secure, more areas of optimization will become evident, and support of the proactive variety will help you identify these areas to use them to their fullest advantage.

Certified Specialty Applications Applications of this variety are also a great optimizer and time-saver. Some certified specialty applications to ensure are included in your distribution ERP software include:

There are many others also available.  Proactive support can help you identify the best-certified specialty applications for your organization.

Proactive Infrastructure Management Proactively-managed infrastructure via MSP (Managed Service Provider) can be integral in the unveiling of a new ERP Program. Implementation can take some time. The more quickly it's completed, the faster you can transcend program investment and collect returns in the form of savings and expansion. Naturally, such management goes hand-in-hand with software support.

An All-Encompassing Package Custom Information Services provides distribution ERP solutions that includes proactive infrastructure management, software support, and a bevy of certified specialty applications. This organization also offers customized programming and reports for ease of transition and development, facilitating ROI more quickly and dependably. The best customizable distribution ERP should include ease in customization for software and reporting, have proactively supported optimization programs that include certified specialty applications, and extend additional proactive support toward infrastructure management.


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