Reporting in a Multi-Cloud World

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This article focuses on Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools as a complete solution as well as challenges that the business world encounters with data from multiple cloud and on-premise platforms.

I think we are on the same page when I say that we are living in a multi-cloud world? Business can find a true solution to the challenges multiple clouds bring in Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) systems. It can be overwhelming to think about integrating all of your enterprise technology applications to the cloud. There are also on-premise tools to manage, which is where a lot of account systems reside. This article will discuss reporting and how the right application can be a true solution to the multi-cloud world.

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Let’s take a look at this in a mainstream way by relating this to video streaming services. For example, web hosted, managed by the media corporation, there are increasingly more options to stream high quality programming content. As our media consumption continues to increase and move toward the Internet, many will see a shift from tradition cable and satellite TV options for monthly subscriptions to a number of streaming services. What happened here for consumers?

Consumers respond by selecting content from places other than the straightforward offerings from cable and satellite. However, without Spectrum or DirecTV, it can require a lot of moving between applications, whether on your phone, on a Smart TV, or through a streaming box. In the business realm, managers similarly have to move between cloud systems, like a cloud ERP application, ADP for HR and payroll matters, an automated email system, Google Analytics to track web site traffic, and so on. It means moving in different directions across many systems. Additionally, most enterprise technologies offer their own proprietary reporting tools, so your team has to learn several unique report writers. Sounds fun, right?


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