How to Remove the Gatekeeper Blocking Your Company’s Financial Data

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Is there a gatekeeper between you and your company’s financial data? Security is one thing, but when users are blocked from getting information needed for reporting, they can’t be productive and management can’t make informed decisions.

When we started working with Church Homes they were running an older generation AS400 system. This system required a lot of manual work, but the biggest issue was that they didn’t have easy access to information.

There was a programmer that was really the gatekeeper for all the information in the system. The users were not in control. They always had to go through the gatekeeper, or someone technical, to get the reports that they wanted.

For Church Homes a key benefit of using Microsoft Dynamics GP is that users can feel empowered. They can get the information that they need on their own. There is no more gatekeeper.

In the case study “Nonprofit Healthcare Facility Unlocks Financial Data with Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting” Ruth Donahue, Controller at Church Homes talks about this benefit:

Getting Information Out of the System is So Easy

“With our old system, is was very frustrating to know that the data was in there but we couldn’t get to it. I felt like we had to be programmers, typing in command lines and queries, to get reports.  Now, even for people who are not technical at all, SmartLists in Dynamics GP are great. If we are looking for a quick answer and don't want to scroll through all the GL accounts, we can do a SmartList and get the information very quickly.  Then we can just click a button and export it to Excel.”

Excel Builder is Like a Christmas Present Every Day

“I love SmartList, but for me, Excel Builder is like a Christmas present every day. I don't have to regularly generate reports and send them out. I can build whatever report someone needs and put it on the network as a Live Excel Report. The people who need to analyze the data can just click on the link and the report is refreshed and up to date.”

Read the full case study.

If you are interested in removing the gatekeeper from your financial data, we can help you evaluate your ERP options. Contact CAL Business Solutions, 860-485-0910 x4 or [email protected].

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica partner.

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