Outdated ERP May Be Costing You Money

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Updating your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution can be daunting. Who wants to spend the time and the money to update? Perhaps you’ve been with your current system for a long time and your employees are comfortable with its “quirks”. You’re probably wondering if it’s even a good idea to make a change that will involve added expense and perhaps training for your team.

But maybe you’re not aware of how operating outdated ERP software can actually cost you money and in the long run be more stressful for your employees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

ERP should make your business processes easier. Your employees should be comfortable and productive with the work they do. But what happens when your ERP software is out of date? You find that it doesn’t handle tasks efficiently and your team finds itself using manual workarounds or third party plug-ins just to keep up. These patches undoubtedly cost you in terms of financial outlay and increased use of employee time. While you fool around trying to get by, your competitors may be picking up your dissatisfied customers.

Eventually, why not now?

Both workarounds and plug-ins are at best only bandages for an ailing system. It won’t be long before the patches are running your operation and the system requires more and more financial input just to stay afloat.

As ERP software continues to advance and gain efficiency, your antiquated system will be left in the dust. You’ll have to update eventually just to have a supported system. So, why not do it now?  The longer your business resists, the longer your business will suffer.

Find an ERP solution supports and grows with your business

As your business continues to grow, your ERP software needs are not the same as they were at the beginning. Find a new software solution that fits your current and growing business needs.

At Crestwood, we support a variety of ERP solutions to fit various business needs. If we don’t have the right solution for your business, we will point you in the right direction for a company that does.


Contact our ERP experts at Crestwood  today to learn more about the best solutions the software industry has to offer!

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