How A Non Profit Healthcare Organization Unlocked Their Financial Data with Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting

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Are you having trouble getting crucial data out of your financial system?  You know the data is in there, but you need it to be up to the minute and easily accessible.

Microsoft Dynamics GP’s reporting capabilities are designed to give you the reports you need whenever you need them in a way that makes sense for your team.

At CAL Business Solutions, we work with an organization called Church Homes, a large Connecticut based retirement village. They wanted an updated ERP system that would work the way they wanted it to and be easy for their employees to operate. CAL Business Solutions recommended Dynamics GP and worked with Church Homes to be sure they had the tools they needed.

Here are some of the comments from the Church Homes’ team about their experience with Dynamics GP and with CAL:

Getting Information Out of the System is So Easy

“With our old system, is was very frustrating to know that the data was in there but we couldn’t easily get to it. Now, even for people who are not technical at all, SmartLists in Dynamics GP are great. If we are looking for a quick answer and don't want to scroll through all the GL accounts, we can do a SmartList and get the information very quickly.  Then we can just click a button and export it to Excel.”

Excel Builder is Like a Christmas Present Every Day

“ Excel Builder is like a Christmas present every day. I can build whatever report someone needs and put it on the network as a Live Excel Report. The people who need to analyze the data can just click on the link and the report is refreshed and up to date.”

The Boss Does Not Need to Log in to Dynamics GP

“I created a live Trial Balance GL report and an All Transactions report for my boss.  He does not need to log in; he can just open up the Excel report. We couldn't generate that information before without having to manually look it up on the screen and scroll through each institution. Now, in Excel we can filter; we can get summaries; it is so much better.”

Stopped Printing 75,000 Pages a Year

“At one point, I calculated that we printed 75,000 pages annually.  Now we don’t print anything, we just save to PDF in Dynamics GP. Plus, now the reports are searchable and everybody can access them.”

Saves Time Processing Payroll

“Processing Payroll used to take a good two days; now, it can be done in half a day or less.  As soon as Payroll is processed, the Live Excel report is refreshed. So, the rest of the team can look at it anytime without someone having to generate it and send it to them.”

Electronic Filing Saves So Much Time

“We are using several add-on tools including Greenshades for tax filing and Integrity Data for ACA reporting which integrates with our healthcare billing software. Filing 941s, generating W-2s and 1099s is so much easier. Everything is filed electronically; we just push a button. This saves so much time.”

In 10 Seconds Entries Are In GL

“I love the Infinia add-on tool. We had a junior accountant who manually entered month-end journal entries. It would take a full day or two. Sometimes there were input errors and there were thousands of lines to check. Now, my Excel spreadsheets used for month-end journal entries can be automatically imported into Dynamics GP using Infinia.  It cuts down on keystroke errors and mistakes with account numbers.”

 I Would Recommend CAL

“Our project manager at CAL is very methodical. Anything I give to her I trust that it is going to come back and it is going to be right.  I would recommend CAL to anybody.”

Read the entire Church Homes case study and consider if the Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Tools could make a difference in the efficiency and success of your company.

You can trust the CAL Business Solutions team to help you find the best Dynamics GP add-on tools that will address your specific concerns and enhance the functionality of your Dynamics GP solution. Contact us at 860-485-0910 x4 or [email protected].

By CAL Business Solutions,, Connecticut Based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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