Major changes possible for businesses using ERP solutions to manage online sales tax

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Online sales tax is a major consideration for every eCommerce business, especially when operations reach a point where ERP solutions are necessary to manage the many different considerations involved. With a variety of different approaches and structures for sales tax involved on the local, county and state levels, the process can be confusing to say the least. Now, a sales tax bill proposed in Congress could make the situation much better for businesses engaging in interstate commerce, streamlining the process and putting rules in place that essentially remove sales tax liability from businesses that don't have a physical presence in a given state.

The No Regulation Without Representation Act of 2016 was proposed to regulate sales tax, which have largely languished without much discussion. Businesses would no longer have to contend with the growing number of states that have put laws in place requiring out-of-state businesses to pay sales tax on eCommerce purchases. The TM Group recently took a look at the current state of sales tax for interstate transactions and the potential benefits and detriments of different outcomes for businesses in a recent blog post.

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