[Guided Demo] How to Start Barcoding Inventory with SmartFill

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Need to speed up receiving, reduce data entry errors and generally improve inventory management? At Prophet Business Group we developed a solution using Rockton SmartFill and UPC scanner to create a simple inventory barcoding system.

Ditching Manual Data Entry

Manually keying data, like serial numbers or UPC codes, is time-consuming and prone to errors. (In the demo above we only had four items to enter and still skipped a few to save time.) If you have a lot of serialized items to receive, our simple solution can save you time and reduce inventory errors for a small investment.

Don’t Go Overboard

This solution isn’t supposed to replace a full inventory management system, but it also costs a lot less. If you’re an SMB looking for a simple way to track inventory that builds on tools you already or have – or can deploy easily – this is a great option. After all, why pay for an inventory management system if SmartFill and a barcode scanner will meet your needs.

Work Smart with SmartFill

Good solutions deliver value beyond the tasks they were built to perform. SmartFill is an integral part of the barcoding solution demoed above, but it will also speed up your everyday searches in GP.

At Prophet we use the solution above to speed up our receiving and reduce data entry errors. We’ve also deployed it for clients with small warehouses or distribution centers. If it sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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