Corporate Performance Management Solutions in a Multi-Cloud Realm

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This article focuses on CPM solutions that help organizations with their reporting and budgeting experience due to data spread across multiple platforms.


Organizations are seeing the benefits of leveraging more than one cloud application, in addition to on-premise solutions to manage their company. When consolidating your data from disparate sources to make better business decisions, this can be challenging. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of having a Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite as a great solution for your multi-cloud practices.


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How many data sources and systems do you use that are cloud? Consider the number of applications you and your team rely on to run your business. With cloud becoming more prominent in technology deployment, it makes sense that the enterprise technology you are using to finish your work is cloud-based. With your information entering in from various systems, this be challenging in terms of general data and management as you consolidate data sets for financial analysis, budgeting, and reporting.

For instance, one professional I spoke multi-cloud deployments with mentioned that they were already involved with a multi-cloud workflow. While running Microsoft Dynamics and a tracking program for various projects, both online, they also rely on ADP for payroll management, HR and Salesforce for Sales activity, and Google Analytics for tracking ads and statistics, all cloud-based.

Each application is based on transactions, offering their own proprietary, usually limited and not user-friendly reporting solution. Because some applications are in the cloud and others are on-premise, information is all over the place which makes consolidation for rich, comprehensive budgeting and reporting difficult. Integrating between systems is challenging because this company is moving in different directions due to a hybrid cloud and on-premise configuration for their enterprise system. You can probably relate if your organization is exploring the multi-cloud realm. But aside from pulling data into Excel and manually entering it into reports, what do you consider a true solution?


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