Top Reasons to Consider a Cloud AP Automation Solution for Your Dynamics GP

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Change is the air – not just capital C Change, such as the parade of global elections, but also the everyday decisions that people make - taking a new job or moving to another city. With technology speeding ahead, it’s also important that business leaders stay ahead of the curve to understand the best accounting and business process solutions. While Dynamics GP continues to be a top accounting software choice, cloud ERP and accounting systems, such as Dynamics 365, Intacct and Oracle NetSuite, are gaining in popularity. Businesses require flexible cloud procurement, accounts payable and expense reporting automation solutions that will work with your accounting system of choice.

The adoption of cloud AP automation solutions for Dynamics GP is accelerating because these solutions are easy to use, cost-effective and offer instant access to financial data as well as seamless integration.

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A Solution That Works for Your Accounting Software:

While an on-premise AP and purchase automation solution for GP will lock you into using those two solutions together, a cloud solution that directly integrates with GP (as well as Dynamics 365, Intacct and Oracle NetSuite) maximizes your flexibility. Cloud providers, such as the Ariett Platform, can use web-services to bring in your general ledger account and vendor data and post Expense, AP and Payment transactions to GP. Later, if you switch to a cloud ERP system, a cloud to cloud API (Application Programming Interface) can quickly facilitate the transfer of financial information to your new ERP system. You can make the change quickly and continue to use your cloud purchasing, AP invoice, payment processing, and expense solution.

Scale Up or Scale Down – It’s Up to You!

With an on-premise procurement or accounts payable solution, you invest a lot of time and money upfront, but your business requirements change down the road. What if your company goes global and requires entity and subsidiary management? How easy or cost-effective will it be to expand your on-premise solution to support your growth? Frequently offering transaction-based pricing, cloud solutions allow companies to start small and go big (or vice versa) by adjusting the transactions they buy.

No More Time and Cost-Intensive Software Updates:

Spending hours on installing the latest version of your software doesn’t have to be the norm for your IT team – really! This is because a cloud AP automation solution will place the burden of upgrading software and storing data on the software provider. In our case, Ariett Purchase to Payment software is a Microsoft Azure application and receives the benefits of Azure’s robust infrastructure and geo-redundant data centers.

View Purchasing Data Literally from Anywhere, Any Device:

What CFOs and managers love best about today’s modern cloud solutions is having instant access to up to date information – they can be on a plane, train, at a conference and keep their business running! Ariett’s cloud procurement and AP automation solutions are built with responsive design to work across devices. For example, a VP of Marketing at a conference can connect directly from his email on his phone to invoice transactions waiting for approval. The VP can review the vendor, amount and other details populated by Ariett’s Invoice Complete Capture Service and quickly approve in seconds!

Investing in a Cloud Solution Means Investing in Your Employees:

A business that prioritizes solutions that employees enjoy using speaks volumes. It communicates that the business values employees’ time and seeks to optimize their work experience. Help employees to be the champions of your procurement and AP automation platform so that you can quickly see ROI results!

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About Ariett:

Ariett generates savings on every contract, requisition, invoice, expense report and payment with a modern, unified procurement platform. Designed to work the way you work, Ariett’s easy-to-use web application delights employees by running on any mobile device or desktop. Accounting teams everywhere benefit from upfront purchasing control, global visibility to spending and audit trails, which drive cost savings across the enterprise. For more information, please visit, call 781-826-1120 or connect with Ariett on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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