He asked me: Who removed a hold for a customer card because a 100K order left the warehouse this morning?

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I received a call from the controller of a TitaniumGP customer a bit concerned. He asked if I could tell him who removed a hold for a customer card because a 100K order left the warehouse that morning.

Fortunately, TGP Remember was activated a few months earlier, so I instructed him how to go to the GP customer window and select the TGP-Remember tab to identify "who modified what and when".

Immediately he noted that the hold was removed the prior week by Judy who was now on PTO. Judy always used a journal, which indicated that the CFO authorized to remove the hold.

The controller told me that he was about to call the customer with the bad news.

Having an audit tool in your ERP system provides reassurance to auditors and the accounting team. And it is needed to identify changes in data that could take employee hours to determine who made the changes to get clarification.

It is certainly necessary to have audit control on all system setup tables and master data; this includes pricing, system configuration, exchange rates, customer and vendor master and addresses, etc.

You should include in your audit effort also the transactional data, like orders, invoices or inventory transactions, etc. there are lots of benefits in this, but you have to consider and identify the performance hit it will create this process. I have seen a single transfer of 100 orders to invoices with the audit turned on, and for sure it is noticeable.

So, before implementing; Always test.


  • Miguel Lozano, Founder and Director of Technology at TitaniumGP (tools for Dynamics GP)

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