Account Rollups in Dynamics GP

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Account Rollups in Dynamics GP

Author: Mark Spain MCP, MCTS

Have you ever wanted to maintain a bird’s-eye view of certain General Ledger account balances in Dynamics GP, their respective budgets and variance at a glance without having to run large report? Let’s say that you are interested in the sales department’s expenses against their budget to monitor spending, and to let them know when they have gone overboard. There is a feature that many people don’t know about that allows you to do just that. The feature is called Account Rollups, and it is located under Financial / Inquiry.

Here you can see that you can have up to 4 columns of data: Actual, Budget, Variance and Last year.   In addition, you can drill back on the titles to get more detail.

You can also choose to display the net change or the Period balance and print as a report in summary or detail.

So now the setup, which is very easy to do. Give the rollup a name and click Modify. This takes you to the setup window where you can choose the columns, create calculations, pull in budget and prior year data.   Then at the bottom you can mix and match different segments from your GL. Here I am looking at department 300 – sales and specific GL accounts relative to travel, and other spending.


I even give my rollups a shortcut and hot key, so I press F2 and instantly get an update on sales spending.   This can be a handy tool for you or the pesky CFO who always asks about certain accounts like cash balance.

Screen 3



For more information on account rollups, or for assistance with using this feature of Dynamics GP, contact or visit


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