5 tips for a successful ERP and CRM solution implementation

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Thousands of companies, if not more, use ERP and CRM solutions daily to help streamline processes and resources, consolidate procedures and synchronize departments to eliminate damaging silos.

If you're thinking of adopting an ERP and CRM solution - or replacing a legacy one - you must be able to implement it correctly. Often this process can be overwhelming, but we've outlined five ways you can do so that will to make the implementation operation run smoother.

They are:

  1. Forming a strategy: You need to form a plan to help staff members better assimilate to the incoming system. Don't wing it!
  2. Preventing problems: Understand how ERPs and CRM solutions can help your company prevent issues. This should be a key component of your presentation to higher ups who decide whether to fund your project.
  3. Choosing a CRM and/or ERP System: Picking the right solution is critical. So take your time. A Capterra survey found that 65 percent of business professionals demoed at least two or three CRMs before settling on one.
  4. Presenting your strategy: Your team doesn't want to put in hours of work if it's going to be rejected by the people funding the project - C-Suite executives. Make sure they're prepared.
  5. Evaluate: Look at how well employees are receiving the new product and whether it's helping your company exceed expectations.

There are plenty of other steps you could add, but we believe following at least these five will help you successfully implement your ERP. Choosing the right ERP and CRM solution is important, but even more important is choosing the right partner. The TM Group has been guiding clients through the selection and implementation process since 1984. Learn more at our website.

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