3 Signs it is Time to Switch to Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Trying to utilize a maxed-out accounting software to do business can create unnecessary lag time. By choosing a system that is advanced and ready to grow, you can make decisions for your business—not against it! It may be hard to recognize that your business is beginning to outgrown your accounting software. Many businesses have experienced these three roadblocks in their outdated system that gave them the push to switch to Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Slow Reporting

Taking the time out of your workflow to wait for a report to finishing loading can cause a repeated block in productivity. Having this stall in productivity limits your ability to make beneficial decisions for the business. This not only causes frustration, but it can disrupt employees from making the most out of their workday. By choosing to upgrade to an advanced ERP solution the speed of doing business becomes much quicker and convenient.

System Gridlock

A key attribute to having a successful business is the ability to respond to customers in an efficient manner. With a maxed-out accounting system that causes gridlock when accessing data, it is nearly impossible to respond quickly. With an advanced ERP solution built on a stable SQL database you can house large quantities of data without system gridlock.

Redundant Data Entry

Repeated data entry becomes overly redundant without a forward-thinking ERP solution. Having to juggle invoices from Microsoft Excel to Word when dealing with finances becomes a daunting and time consuming task. The possibility for error is much higher in a legacy system than an advanced ERP solution that uses automation tools to eliminate this redundancy. With these high performing tools businesses can trust, data stays safe and secure without hassle.


Making the switch from outdated accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s advanced solution might not seem necessary at first glance. Looking deeper into the benefits switching to ERP has bought many businesses; it is easy to see the possibilities Dynamics ERP can bring to your business as well. With help from Logan Consulting on installation and implementation making this switch does not have to be daunting. If your business is experiencing these issues with their current system contact Logan Consulting your Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner of Chicago for a free consultation now!

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