19 Steps to a Successful Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation of a New ERP/Accounting System

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When most companies embark on a search and evaluation of new ERP/Accounting software, they don’t bring to the table a lot of fresh experience.

Normally, companies only make such a big system change every 7 to 10 years! As a result, it's not hard for organizations to overlook some steps or criteria that are vital to making the right decision for their business.

For example, the following are some potentially problematic areas that companies might overlook due to inexperience or a lack of understanding today’s market:

  • Tips to ensure they are comparing apples to apples when evaluating solutions on their short list
  • Why evaluating and selecting the right software solution partner is at least as important as selecting the right ERP solution
  • When to be wary of a cloud-based solution and the difference between cloud hype and cloud reality
  • Why putting price as one’s top or near-top priority is normally not a good idea
  • Why selecting a Prove-before-you-Purchase Prototype is often the key to both a successful choice and a successful implementation

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