ERP Reinvented: 7 Ways Dynamics 365 for Operations Powers Your ERP

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Dynamics AX has always been a much sought after ERP solution across industries, verticals, and organizations of various sizes. And with cloud-based Dynamics 365 in the market that combines the functionality of ERP and CRM along with the awesomeness of O365, the unified working experience is unparalleled. From smarter and more connected operations to exceptional customer experiences, strategic, data-driven financial insights, to all-you-need information across business verticals - you can accelerate business activities, while simultaneously leveraging the global scalability and digital intelligence capabilities in the cloud that help grow at your own pace. With Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can reduce operational costs and rapidly respond to changing business needs – which has become a prerequisite for ensuring success in today’s highly dynamic and competitive world.

What Sets Dynamics 365 Apart

With Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft has completely changed the game in the enterprise software market. And there’s a reason Dynamics 365 for Operations stands out from the crowd: an easy-to-use modern UI with incredible flexibility, and the elasticity and affordability of the cloud are just some of the remarkable features that are compelling millions of organizations to make the move. Let’s look at 7 reasons that make Dynamics 365 for Operations a powerful ERP solution, and the many benefits that it brings to the table:


Work anywhere. Anytime. On any device. Dynamics 365 empowers users by offering a seamless user interface, that’s consistent across devices and form factors. What makes it unique? The UI is so natural (with its browser based cross platform client), you can accelerate adoption, and raise productivity (and eventually user satisfaction). Enjoy seamless touch interface, access content on multiple devices, and get all your work done on time (and make your boss happy!).


Dynamics 365’s mobile-first, cloud-first platform lets you access data whenever you want it, and wherever you want it. Since all the data is in the Azure cloud (and you can choose to have your own database), you have full control over it – you own your data and can store and access it the way you want, from the device of your choice. The mobile app offers custom user experience APIs with flexible layout capabilities. And you can enjoy end-to-end security, compliance, and transparency and say goodbye to location and privacy related hiccups.


Reinvent productivity and reach levels never touched before. The built-in Lifecycle services offers familiar tools and cloud-based collaborative workspaces, each of which offers information related to a particular project. Have all your project related information in one place, and easily access it across platforms and devices.


With the awesome combination of Cortana Intelligence, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning built in, insights into business performance comes naturally to Dynamics 365. Get real-time business intelligence in the form of rich visuals and dynamic charts, whenever you want them, wherever you want them, and on the device of your choice. Create stunning interactive reports, tailor them according to your needs, and get answers to all your business problems in a matter of a few seconds.


Access to Dynamics 365 doesn’t stop at ERP specific tasks; it offers deep integration with other Microsoft applications like Dynamics CRM and Office 365. The redesigned HTML 5 client gives you access across other apps, enabling you to build and extend your business-specific tasks. What’s more, you can do more using PowerApps - an array of add-in applications that have been developed for specific tasks by Microsoft and several partners.


With Dynamics 365, you can work less and do more. The built-in Microsoft Flow allows you to automate your business processes and connect with your favorite services. Do you want to import data from SharePoint? Or access an O365 app? Looking to share a large file across your team using Dropbox? Or synchronize emails from Outlook? – with Microsoft Flow, you can create automated workflows between your favorite apps and synchronize files, get customized notifications, collect data, and do a lot more – all this while minimizing the time wasted in switching between applications and improving employee productivity, and effectiveness.


Dynamics 365 also makes use of Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM), a secure business database that is built for scale using the best of Azure technologies. How does it help you in doing business? Using CDM, you can simplify data management and integration across apps and business processes – you can analyze massive amounts of data to get a unified view, connect this data with information in O365, and empower employees to maximize results to get the business rolling towards a sustainable competitive advantage. You can also build custom entities that are common to your business domain and have them connect to Microsoft developed apps or third-party apps for added customization.

Enterprise Software for Everyone

Dynamics 365 for Operations’ mobile-first, cloud-first approach makes it the only enterprise software developed in the cloud for the cloud. With unmatched productivity features, state-of-the-art intelligence capabilities, and top notch extensibility options, Dynamics 365 for Operations raises the bar, making it a winner in the crowded ERP market. So, say goodbye to traditional, complex, closed business applications and move to Dynamics 365 for Operations – an ERP that has a customized edition that perfectly fits your organization and its specific requirements.

Learn more about finding the right Dynamics 365 business plan tailored for your organization.
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