Troubleshooting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Wouldn’t it be nice if things always went according to plan?


Unfortunately, problems are bound to arise, especially when it comes to working in Dynamics GP. The most random click of a button could throw off the entire system and send your department into a panic when trying to fix it.


Mistakes will happen and functionality will break, but fear not! When these unfortunate events pop up, there’s a non-disruptive way to go about finding a solution.


When troubleshooting, our support team always recommends that you use a test company. Test companies help Microsoft Dynamics GP administrators because it allows users to continue with their daily processes while troubleshooting the situation(s).


The best way to avoid unexpected results when searching for a solution is by setting up a test company. Perhaps you need to test some settings in Payables Management or Receivables Management to see if one of the settings caused the issue. This would be a great time to restore a backup of the live into a Test company to verify the impact of the steps you use to troubleshoot and resolve the situation.


Or, if you just need to add a benefit or deduction to an employee record, but need to verify the results on their pay check before implementing it in the live system, this would be a great time to utilize a test company.


For example, if you need to add a benefit or deduction for an employee and are not sure how it will affect their paycheck, this would be a great time to create a test company to verify the impact of the adjustment.


Not sure how to go about setting up a test company?  Here are a few examples:

  • Set up a test company that as a copy of live company data by using Microsoft SQL Server. (This example works with SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, or SQL Server 2012.) Click here to learn how!
  • Create a test or historical company in Payroll or in Canadian Payroll in Dynamics GP. Click here to learn how!


If you need to test a product or an action taken by a user that affects the entire DYNAMICS database, you will want to create a separate test environment. This new test environment will allow you to verify the results before implementing system wide changes in the live environment. For example, changing settings in windows you find under system menus in GP would be best tested in a test environment.


We hope these troubleshooting reminders come in handy the next time you’re staring down an error on your screen or looking to change settings. Remain calm, set up a test company or test environment for troubleshooting, and then proceed with saving the day for your team!


Written By Elise Rooney, Marketing Specialist at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on provider.

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