Still Using Dynamics GP? Why it Might be Hindering Your Manufacturing Business

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There is a universal truth in Enterprise Resource Planning – companies don’t want to switch (and won’t) unless they are forced to do so. Conversely, new business software solutions occasionally come out, offering up shiny new features you might be interested in. But ERP solutions are a long game, and you need the right ERP for your manufacturing or distribution business. The wrong solution will put you behind the revenue curve, not to mention the competition.

Dynamics GP is a great solution for single-site, quick-turn manufacturers, where tracking materials is more important than controlling the production process itself. But businesses with longer production cycles that need to track the execution of each operation in the production process will find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides a better solution. And, since Dynamics 365 is designed to support intercompany transactions and multi-site manufacturers, where there is a need for more complicated orders and materials may be shared across multiple facilities, it’s a no-brainer for expanding manufacturing operations.

Dynamics 365 for Operations for your manufacturing business:

  • Quality Control: Dynamics 365 offers the ability to manage quality testing as part of both the production and purchasing processes, preventing failed lots of inventory from moving forward in the process.
  • Quarantine Management: With Dynamics 365, items can automatically be quarantined upon receipt/production, and are ineligible for usage until released.
  • Manufacturing Execution / Shop Floor Control: Dynamics 365 allows for the detailed tracking of the progress of a production order through the various operations, controlling the quantities that move onto the next step in a sequence.
  • Process manufacturing: With batch production in Dynamics 365, a single production order may result in the production of a primary product and by-products, or the production of multiple co-products. Formulas may also be defined in lieu of Bills of Materials.
  • Inventory, financial dimensions, and attributes: Dynamics 365 allows inventory to be tracked by product configuration, size, and color. It also allows attributes to be assigned to lots based on test results.
  • Multi-Site MRP: Dynamics 365 can accommodate multi-site manufacturers that share materials across multiple warehouses, as opposed to planning replenishments for each warehouse in isolation.
  • Integration with MES systems: Dynamics 365 provides a more robust ability to interact with Manufacturing Execution Systems that capture inputs and outputs to the production process directly from equipment used in the production process.
  • Warehouse Management: Dynamics 365 offers multiple levels of inventory tracking (Site, Warehouse, Aisle, Location, and Pallet), as opposed to just Site and Bin, as is the case with Dynamics GP.
  • Task guides: Task guides are an extremely popular feature in Dynamics 365. The feature allows a user to record their motions or steps with the system so that future employees or users can easily be trained on the process. It increases efficiency and avoids newbie mistakes.

Software Assurance Transition Benefits for Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365

We've often worked with clients currently using other Microsoft Dynamics solutions like Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL. If you're looking at a switch, but are concerned about losing your current investment in Dynamics GP software licenses — don’t be. Microsoft offers Software Assurance Transition Benefits. By transitioning from your current Microsoft Dynamics product to another Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, customers are able to “cash-in” their investment in Dynamics, and use that value towards Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Stoneridge, or your implementing partner, will work with Microsoft to determine the value of the current Dynamics license investment and apply that towards the license cost of your new Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Just as we do with clients that are new to Dynamics, we go through the same discovery and demonstration process to ensure that switching to a new Dynamics solution will meet your unique requirements.

Product comparison chart of Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP:

Dynamics 365 to Dynamics GP Product Comparison Chart

Not ready for the cloud? No problem

The arrival of Dynamics 365 is great news for some. But for others, an on-premise platform is more appropriate. Dynamics 365 now has options for cloud, on-premise and hybrid models.

Implementations that succeed

We understand that implementing a new software solution is a transformational event in your company. You need everyone on board to reach the destination. It also requires experienced consultants who know what it takes to get you across the finish line. As veterans of Microsoft support, we have seen many projects struggle when the solutions would have succeeded with the right implementation approach. At Stoneridge Software, we’ve taken Microsoft’s Sure Step implementation framework and added our own best practices from years of support and project management experience. The expert team from Stoneridge Software has developed a Process Centric Methodology, delivering the right approach to assist with your Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Stoneridge Software Implementation Methodology

What’s next? View our Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 webcast!

Have you noticed signs that Dynamics GP is no longer the best fit for your manufacturing or distribution business? In this webinar, we’ll explore the indicators (and possibly validate your suspicions) that your ERP system is negatively impacting your operational efficiency and cutting into your profits.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have a multitude of third party products to make your system function how you want?
  • You’re experiencing many manual processes that slow down productivity?
  • The business is expanding, but your ERP isn’t flexing with it?
  • You have trouble completing an order on time? Shipping delays? Inability to provide capable-to-promise estimates?
  • You need visibility for multiple locations or multiple companies?
  • You have complex multi-currency or multi-language functionality needs?

Find out how Dynamics 365 is built out of the box, with the functionality to address specific needs of the manufacturing and distributing industries.

Webcast topics will include:

  • Common Dynamics GP pain points for manufacturers & distributors
  • Dynamics 365 for Financials – overview
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations – overview
  • Not ready for the cloud? – options for cloud hosted, on-premise, and hybrid models

View the recorded webcast here.

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