Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials: We Like It (A Lot)

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We know, we know - Microsoft's a little late to the SaaS ERP party.  But, they've brought food, beverages AND a live band!  And, with the announcement that Dynamics 365 will be on the same codebase as Dynamics NAV, who can resist?  We think Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials was definitely worth the wait.  So we're all pretty excited about it, as are quite a few other people!

TEN Talk: What Does Tensoft REALLY Think of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

In this brief "TEN Talk," Tensoft CEO Bob Scarborough and COO Dan Berube provide insight into some of the key benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials delivers:

Bob and Dan continued their SaaS ERP discussion off camera, so we'll share a little of that here.

Bob: Microsoft is positioning an enterprise version of Dynamics 365, as well as the Business Edition, which is designed to be their SMB product.

Dan: We’ve been looking at/playing with the Business Edition for some months now. Not only for our customers, but for our own internal use.

Bob: Our focus has been on midmarket companies - in the $5 - 500M revenue range - and helping those companies scale. Often at tech start-ups, the executives have been primarily at larger corporations. Coming from that to a smaller company can be a culture shock. Billion dollar system expectations at a midmarket or smaller company are bound to clash with budget realities.

Dan: And even at small tech companies, there can be tremendous complexity. We've had customers with just 20 employees that are already complex. Even at that size, tech companies may be multi-national organizations, so they need multi-currency functionality. And they’re looking to get as much efficiency out of their ERP systems as possible. Which Dynamics 365 Business Edition does.  At $40 per person, it’s going to be very difficult to beat.  Especially as more functionality gets added, which is happening very quickly.  Microsoft created a great platform for us to build on, and we’ll definitely on board with that.

A Turnkey Solution

Bob: So, if we’d like to add our cloud apps, we now can offer a turnkey solution that’s a real cloud application.  For me, it's the combination of the Dynamics legacy and the Microsoft platform history with the new user interface, and new re-thinking of ERP that's exciting. And, you can buy not just the product, but add-ons as services as well.

Dan: Right. And not just from Microsoft, but also from third party vendors, and its all part of Office 365.  So you also have email, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, Planner, Flow, Power BI.  All within one single sign-on to the services that you decide to consume.

Bob: And, of course, Azure is now one of the leading cloud platforms in the world.  So, you’re talking about a solution that has been proven to scale up to handle billion dollar companies.  The underlying framework is just really sound.

Dan: Giving small to mid-sized companies access to that framework puts them on a more level playing field.  You potentially don’t need to keep changing your platform as you grow.  You can just expand what you have by consuming more of the services that Microsoft and third party vendors are offering.

Bob: And, Microsoft owns the system administration - they handle the cloud platform, the upgrades, and all the code.  To me, one of the key benefits of all this is the integration to Power BI, one of the leading BI application available today.  For $10 a month, you get world-class BI that is linked to your financial system, with incredible dashboards that you can easily extend and build out what you want to see.

Dan: Yeah, it works really well. And the integration is simple and the analytics are great.

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By Caprice Murray, Tensoft, a Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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