Consolidate rows of data in Excel for use with GL copy/paste.

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Learn how to consolidate rows of data in Excel for use with GL copy/paste?


“Tell me more…”

This is a time-saving method to use copy/paste from spreadsheets that are not in the format required. Since blank lines and lines with $0.00 cannot be included, some spreadsheets require manual effort to put the data into an acceptable format. The techniques shown in the webinar show how to automate this.  These techniques will remove blank lines and zero dollar lines and optionally generate an offset entry complete with total.


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“So basically…”

This explains how to use some advanced functionality in Excel that can also be useful elsewhere.

  • Absolute and Relative references
  • Use of Match and Index functions
  • Use of Row function
  • Use of Offset function to create a range to sum


It also shows you how more complex spreadsheets can be used for copy/paste into GL without a lot of manual effort.


“What else you got?...”

We also provide an easier way to sum up employee sick time and vacation time accruals by department that’s been formatted to copy/paste into GL. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

At Implementation Specialists, we have the technical resources to answer questions and provide assistance around any type of data integration.  Please give us a call at 218-486-5095 or email me at [email protected] if you need help.


By Deb Sletmoen, MCT, Implementation Specialists – Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partner with Advanced ERP Competency and Source Code Provider

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