2 Easy Steps to Copy and Paste Sales Orders from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Copy Paste from Excel to Dynamics GP

The Hassle

Manually entering sales orders into Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a tedious and time consuming process, prone to errors. In a typical scenario, a customer places an order by emailing an Excel file containing order details such as item number, product SKU, UPC (Universal Product Code), prices and quantities. Once received, the customer service representative will manually enter all the order information, item by item, into the Sales Transaction Entry window in Dynamics GP.

While this process does the job, it’s not exactly efficient. Just think of the time it takes to enter a sales order of 25+ different items!

The Fix

TitaniumGP brings copy/paste into Dynamics GP allowing you to easily copy and paste data between Excel and over 20 different Dynamics GP windows (see the full list), including the Sales Transaction Entry window.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Copy Your Sales Order Data from Excel

  • Open your Excel file containing the order information and select the cells with the data you would like to copy into Dynamics GP.
  • Click Ctrl + C or click on the ‘Copy’ icon in Excel.


 Step 2 – Paste Your Sales Order Data into Dynamics GP

  • Enter the appropriate header information in the Sales Transaction Entry window in Dynamics GP.




Go to Additional and select the Paste Lines (CTRL + T) option.


That’s it, you’re done! Pretty easy, eh?



While this blog explained the steps for copy and pasting a sales order into Microsoft Dynamics GP, it’s the exact same process for quotes, invoices, returns, orders, back orders and fulfillment orders.

What about Column Headings?

TitaniumGP analyzes the Excel data in your selection, so you don’t have to worry about the order of your columns and rows. The system will intuitively map your column headings to the correct fields in Dynamics GP, which means that you don’t need to use pre-defined column headings. For example, the terms ItemNo, Item#, Item Number, Item, Product and SKU will all be mapped to the Item Number field in Dynamics GP. The system will even detect certain common typos and automatically figure out where to paste the data.

And it doesn’t matter if you have extra columns with information that shouldn’t go into Dynamics GP. TitaniumGP will automatically detect the columns containing the item number, quantity and price (if there’s no price column, the default price for the given customer in GP will be applied), and disregard any additional information.

The Outcome

Hopefully, the above example demonstrates how easy it is to copy and paste a sales order from Excel and into Dynamics GP. A distributions company using Dynamics GP has reported that they are able to save 20 hours per week, processing quotes, orders and returns by using the copy and paste functionality in TitaniumGP. This particular company has four employees handling quotes, orders and returns.

By using TitaniumGP to copy and paste your sales orders from Excel and into Dynamics GP you’ll be able to reduce manual data entry, eliminate errors, and limit the amount of corrections and returns. In turn, you’ll get more satisfied customers, happier people and increased profits. It’s that simple.

Click here to learn more about TitaniumGP’s copy and paste functionality for Dynamics GP.

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