How does Training fit into Cloud BI Solution Management?

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This article will discuss the importance of training to achieve a greater ROI on your cloud Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence tools. 

I have been writing a little bit about the various options of services that can be a part of owning and managing a cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and/or Business Intelligence (BI) tool – and so far, we’ve covered support and consulting.  This article will zoom in on the final aspect – training.  Why do you need to have training if you have worked with a consultant?  Is it an important part of cloud BI or CPM tool ownership?  My goal is to answer these questions and more, related to your workflow with a cloud BI or CPM solution.

I was a corporate trainer a handful of years ago, mostly focused on onboarding new employees, but have worked closely with a current CPM product trainer as the role still interests me.  Tina has been a trainer for almost 20 years, and she offered me an insider’s view, which helped clarify the differences in training and consulting.  Tina stated that what differentiates consulting and training is the setup.  With consulting, you’re experiencing a customized, one-on-one product configuration and training, related to your objectives and the functionality offering of the cloud BI or CPM solution.  Training, on the other, is typically for a larger group and is pretty uniform in its delivery.  When I talk about being uniform, I am referring to the consistency at which the trainer messages the information, sets up the exercises, and explores the product, but there’s still room for customizing the learning experience for the group – for the skill level and interest areas.

In training, you get to practice and repeat, so that you have hands-on experience for when you get back to your everyday business.  Training covers a broad range of topics, from creating basic reports to more complicated topics, like consolidations and multi-company budgeting.  The classroom is a dynamic and social place for you to engage in conversation not only with your trainer, but also your fellow trainees.  Sometimes, you will be sitting next to a co-worker, but other times, you can network and share best practices with someone who works at a different company, perhaps a different industry.  Peer to peer learning can be invaluable.  And I’m sure Tina would add that her goal is for trainees to learn something from her, but she is also learning things from her students.

More and more, cloud software providers also deliver online training or even self-paced training, based on video libraries.  Although it seldom offers the exact same value as in-person training, it can lower your costs and offer convenience.

To learn more about the importance of training in cloud BI and CPM solution management, click here.

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