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Prioritizing Selection Factors When Searching for a New Accounting System

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Prioritizing Selection Factors When Searching for a New Accounting System
By Joseph St Germain, T3 Information Systems

Earlier this month we talked about which factors you should consider when searching for a new accounting system. This week, we are going to discuss how to prioritize those factors.

The number of systems available when selecting a new accounting ERP system for your company can be overwhelming, even for the most information-driven among us. Before beginning to research different systems, it is imperative to complete a functionality requirement matrix with your accounting department, and any departments that work directly with accounting. There are several important selection factors that are relevant regardless of your company’s size or industry. How you prioritize these factors is up to you, but we did some research of our own and this is what we found. We compared across various industries and sizes to come up with these factors that affect all first time buyers:

Ranking Selection Criteria for 1st Time Buyers

  1. Ease of Implementation
    • Know your Vendor! Make sure they can guide you on the right path
  2. Ease of Use
    • How much training does the software require to learn how to use?
  3. Ease of Implementation
    • How easy is it to get the new systems up and running and functioning for your employees?
  4. Functionality to Business Needs
    • Business processes are unique to industry and company - know best practice
  5. Developers Performance Track
    • How will the software continue to be updated in the future?
  6. Functionality of Software
    • Scale when you grow, integrate when you implement complimentary systems
  7. Work with existing Hardware
    • How does the system integrate with existing softwares?
  8. Growth Potential of Software
    • How easily can users be added and can new processes be created?
  9. Support of Local Firm
    • How easy is it for you to contact your support if there is a problem?
  10. Quality of Documentation

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