New Capabilities and Updated Features of Dynamics 365 Financials

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Microsoft has recently released new updates and capabilities for Dynamics 365 Financials, Business Edition. Here are some of the exciting new features:

  1. Improved Setup and Configuration

The Business Manager and Accountant Role Center has been updated with a new Services and Extensions button. This will make it easier to add industry or third-party extensions to configure Dynamics 365 for Financials to your business needs.

  1. Contact Management

To streamline your marketing reporting, you can now specify a salesperson/purchaser code for user accounts. When you then create sales or purchase documents, the default salesperson/purchaser code is the one specified for your user account.

To increase sales people's productivity in managing opportunities and to provide a more fluid experience for phone and tablet devices, you can set default chances of success in the sales cycle stages in opportunity management.

Managing contact duplicates is important, as contact information tends to grow over time. If you're a sales & relationship manager, your Home page now shows the number of duplicate contacts.

Filter exactly which contacts you want to export from a segment and send to a marketing Agency.

  1. Human Resources

Maintain a list of employees in your company and add basic information and a picture for each employee.

  1. Multiple Locations

Manage inventory in multiple locations or within different places in your warehouse. In addition, you can now buy and sell from various locations. The Availability per Location window will tell you the best way to deliver items to customers based upon inventory location and you can transfer items between locations with transfer orders.

  1. Dynamics 365 for Sales Integration

When you need more advanced customer relationship management capabilities, you can easily connect to Dynamics 365 for Sales in a few easy steps. The assisted setup helps you synchronize your data across the two apps, including sales orders, item availability, units of measure, and currencies.

  1. AppSource Extensions

Easily extend your Dynamics 365 for Financials application with industry and third-party extensions. Check out the new extension for payroll from Ceridian and visit AppSource for a complete list of add-on solutions.

For a complete list of what has previously been released, what’s new and what’s coming, visit the Dynamics 365 Roadmap. Contact Rimrock Corporation for all your Dynamics 365 business needs.

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