Important Factors to Consider When Selecting an Accounting ERP System

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By Joseph St Germain, T3 Information Systems

Selecting an Accounting ERP system for your company is a big decision. There are many important factors to consider in order to be successful. Everyone has their own opinion about what system is the highest-rated or most user-friendly, but it really comes down to identifying which system works best with your unique business processes.

There are systems designed for small to mid-size companies, and others built to satisfy fortune 500. Systems will have proven track records in specific industries: associations, membership organizations, manufacturing, government, and non-profits to name a few. While these aspects are important, below you will find a selection of factors to bear in mind regardless of your size or industry.

Ease of Use - User friendly is a must. Competition is abundant between systems, which ultimately means benefits for users. If your team can not easily pick up a systems logic and flow within the first two demos of the product, I would suggest looking into other options.

Price of Software - CASH IS KING. Every organization wants bang for their buck. With the way technology is advancing there is no need to spend excessive dollar amounts implementing a fully coded customized system, when other systems give you day 1 out-of-the-box functionality. However, excellent industry expertise service still comes with a price.

Ease of Implementation - Make sure there is a proven track record with the software you choose. Seemingly a no-brainer but an often-overlooked key to success is picking a vendor with industry experience who can provide tangible examples of clients they have completed similar projects with. Implementations can get complicated and go off path if the vendor does not have the expertise to know what features you do and don’t need. Keep it simple!

Functionality of Business Needs - Just because a system can do it – doesn’t mean you need to do it! Just as with implementation, pick a vendor with best practices who knows the industry well enough to guide your team on setting up good business practices.

Growth of Potential Software – Don’t get stuck! Software should be flexible. You can never be sure when your company is going to pop. Be ready to add users and easily accommodate new business processes. If you are going to have to upgrade to another system to accommodate 5 more users – this is probably not the best system for you in the long term.

Support of Local Firm – Is your team okay with webinars, virtual trainings, and phone calls? Or are they hands-on, face-to-face learners? Local support was once the only reasonable way to go, but nowadays it’s increasingly beneficial to get top notch service from afar. It is important to think about you and your team’s specific needs when considering which vendor you want to work with. Our recommendation: keep it reasonable and stay within a few hours of your time zone.

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