Dealing with foreign customs officers (A story about Dynamics GP users and TitaniumGP)

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Dealing with foreign customs officers

The packing list in Japanese with pictures
a story by TitaniumGP (Available in Sway)

A medical device company was sending shipments to Japan very often. For them, it was critical to deliver every product in time. Every second was money.

To type everything into the packing list was critical in order to pass through the customs officer.
In some particular case, the customs officer questioned if the documentation matched the contents of the box and stopped the import process.

The question was simple:

How can I be sure that the descriptions match the products being imported?

The company was a Dynamics GP user and Dynamics GP does not allow to enter Unicode characters, and it was important to the company to have a system as “single source of the truth” instead of multiple systems.

The answer:

TitaniumGP Elastic Windows
Using elastic windows, the users entered the description of all items for export including the images, then an SSRS report including this description in English, Japanese and product images in the packing slips.
This story is based in real life events. TitaniumGP stories could be read at
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