Utilizing data for successful HR management

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In order to maximize your success, you need to focus on recruiting and retaining the best-suited employees for your company. That makes HR management more important than ever. If you aren’t capturing vital employee data, you are missing an opportunity to not only identify key areas for growth, but also gain an understanding of which programs are the most successful (and profitable).

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can completely track every aspect of each employee from application to termination or resignation. This gives managers an opportunity to dive into the data to gain a better understanding of which programs are successful and gauge retention successes and failures.

Training and ongoing education can add up to a large chunk of your company’s budget each year. By utilizing data recorded in Microsoft Dynamics GP, managers can easily compare completed training classes or conferences with predetermined goals such as total sales, patient satisfaction, output, etc. That information makes it simple to identify which training programs should be continued and which are not high value for the attendee or company.

Between background checks, training, and onboarding processes, hiring a new employee can be expensive. In fact, one estimate has the average cost of a new employee at $4,000. That’s what makes it even more important to identify any patterns for when and why employees leave the company.  This data gives managers a better idea of how and when they can step in to retain high-performing employees.

So how do you know who is a high-performing employee? With Microsoft Dynamics GP, that’s an easy question to answer as long as you first know what your goal for each employee is – whether that be sales, call volume, billable time, etc. From there, use your data to see how each employee rates in relation to their position’s overall goal. This information is vital in determining how to help employees succeed, and who to focus your retention efforts on.

Utilize the Human Resources module in Microsoft Dynamics GP and gain full insight while identifying better ways to manage your people.

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