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Whether you run Microsoft Dynamics ERP, or even just Quickbooks, you probably don't realize how long your company would be down if you suffered a hardware failure, ransomware attack, or even a site disaster like a fire or flood.

Most companies don't realize that a typical serious data loss or corruption, even with a solid backup system in place, can often take days or even weeks to be back up and running again.  There are a variety of reasons  but just a few are much time it takes to fresh install windows server,  SQL Server, download the dozens of patches and install, the anti-virus software, ERP software, license files, ERP data, configuration etc.  And this all assumes your IT personnel are available immediately to address things.

With EverSafe, you have a system that is taking complete 'snapshots' of all your servers, typically every hour.  Any kind of downtime and you can simply restore files, or actually fail over to the on-premise EverSafe hardware server or EverSafe servers in the cloud should your site be damaged.

A backup system that isn't tested regularly isn't really worth much.  A Symantec survey shows more than 50% of all backups aren't able to be restored when needed.   With EverSafe, every night the system boots up a virtual copy of your servers and then emails you a screen shot of the windows login screen.  You can even configure complex testing scripts such as logging into the server, launching the ERP system and sending you a screenshot of the system up and running.  Imagine the peace of mind with a complete disaster testing being done every night automatically.

See a live demonstration here to see how it works!

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