3 Challenges an ERP System Can Help You Overcome

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Is your business tired of dealing with the same software issues day in and day out? You are not alone! Many businesses have recurring issues with their out-of-date systems but they might not have the information on what a new ERP system can really do for them. With the right Microsoft ERP System and proper implementation these challenges that may be holding your business back can be combatted.

Challenge 1: Manual Entry

If your business is using a basic accounting system, likely, employees are dealing with the hassle of having to manually enter orders. This tedious manual entry process can cause major delays in your orders which can lead to extra costs caused by necessary rush orders. A small mistake can lead to a major hassle that not only causes a delay in business, but deflates trusting relationships that have been built with loyal customers.


Make order management error-free with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. By implementing a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you no longer have to take the time entering invoices into Microsoft Word before finalization. The system allows for you to save your work directly in the program so you can work at your own convenience. These editing capabilities make changing orders, creating quotes, and converting invoices easier than ever in your ERP software. Your customized ERP system won’t hurt your positive customer relationships any longer and will only allow for you to continue making more progress within your business.


Challenge 2: Building Reports

A considerable amount of time must be allocated for employees to build reports manually. Not to mention having to compile information from multiple sources can cause a huge headache! Constantly having to go back to double check numbers in your spreadsheets is repetitive, plus you can never be 100% accurate when juggling between Microsoft Excel documents. This untimely routine not only causes major error, but creates an unneeded stress during your work day.


When switching to an ERP software it allows for timely reporting of accurate financials customized just for you. This reduces your need to go back and double check time and time again. It also allows for you to send over your reports to other reviewers with a simple click of a button or simply make them available to users via a secure portal or email link.


Challenge 3: Discrepancies in Inventory

If your business is using multiple systems to keep track of inventory, it is likely that much of your information is inconsistent. By not having the correct knowledge regarding inventory, it can lead to unknown transfers of products and old product lists. Products that are out of stock or overstock have the potential to go completely unnoticed leading to unrepresented information in inventory reports. This alone can lead to inaccuracy for entire business segments.


To avoid miscommunications about inventory in real-time it is essential to implement an ERP system that promotes inventory accuracy. Your inventory levels will appear consistent no matter the device you use. This consistency will save time and money in the end when out of stock mishaps are completely avoided. With your ERP solution purchases are known across the business so everyone can make informed and accurate decisions for the enterprise.


While Microsoft Dynamics ERP software has numerous benefits on business processes, these are just a few of the issues they can help your business tackle. If you need more help deciding which system works best for your enterprise the best plan is to set up a consultation with your local ERP consultant to determine the best fit for you. For further information on ERP customization and implementation, contact Logan Consulting a Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis based ERP partner.

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