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Your Microsoft Dynamics SL reporting requirements are determined by the nature of your business, the structure of your company, and the way your decision makers digest information, legislation, and accounting rules.  When you implement your Microsoft Dynamics SL accounting system, you set up your chart of accounts accordingly.  You set up your projects in a manner conducive to needed tracking and planning.  You set up your inventory, customer ids, and vendor ids all in sync with your needs at the time.  But, the environment in which you do business evolves over time and your chart of accounts and the rest of your accounting infrastructure devolves as it becomes further and further away from your current needs.  Suddenly, you find yourself pulling data out of your accounting system and dumping into Excel where you spend hours or even days massaging the data into something that resembles the data you need for your current business environment.

Because you need to compare this year’s results to prior year’s results, and because you need to understand the trends in your data, it is not the case that you can just start inputting data differently—you need to maintain the history of each account, the combined accounts, the purchases from vendors, and the orders from individual customers.  And restating everything is an enormous hassle.

You need KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL.  (Skip the rest of this post and jump right to the demo video now.)

If you have been using Microsoft Dynamics SL for accounting, KeyChange will enable you to update your accounting infrastructure to match business as you operate today.  KeyChange lets you easily change 40 keys fields in Dynamics SL while maintaining the history associated with each account, vendor, customer, inventory item, or project.  You can update your Dynamics SL chart of accounts--combining accounts where it makes sense and eliminating obsolete or ambiguous accounts.  You can reformat your entire account number scheme into one that makes it easy to collapse accounts when summary information is more appropriate than the underlying detail.  You can make your Microsoft Dynamics SL reporting easier, saving time and increasing accuracy.

KeyChange benefits span much more than just Microsoft Dynamics SL reporting.  KeyChange can make your customer support function more smoothly by allowing you to combine duplicate customer IDs or eliminate those that were set up in error, making it easier to understand and serve your customers.  You can use KeyChange to align your inventory product lines to your current business model, making inventory analysis more clear and providing better information for operating decisions.  You can also optimize projects and tasks to reflect today’s business environment, not the environment from the day you originally set up your project accounting, making project management more efficient and effective.

When you set up your Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP, you probably took great care to ensure that your implementation of Dynamics SL fit your company or organization and that getting the information you need would be as easy as possible.  But two things may have happened.  One, you may have learned more since you set up SL—if you were setting it up today, knowing what you know now, would you set it up the same way?  And two, your business and the world in which you operate has probably changed.  KeyChange can help you get your Dynamics SL structure back to the optimal structure for your company and the people who run it.

Take a look at this short video to see KeyChange in action or read the KeyChange product sheet to learn more and to see what Microsoft Dynamics SL fields KeyChange can update while retaining the full account history.  You can contact the makers of KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL at or 203.327.0800 for more information or to order KeyChange.  This month, if you order KeyChange Standard, you can get the upgrade to KeyChange Advanced for no additional charge.  Call us today.

By Sandi Richards Forman, NexVue Information Systems

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