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How to do NEG Pay Adjustment to Paychecks in Dynamics GP

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    When using PTE for timesheets, once a timesheet is approved you cannot make changes to it. However, you can make an adjustment to a timesheet and reference the original timesheet. The directions below walk you through this process step-by-step.

    Go to Project/transactions/timesheet, and this will open the timesheet window

    For the Header Values

    Transaction type: Referenced

    Document Number: This will auto fill with the next GP number

    Date:  The date of the timesheet

    Reference Doc No:  Use the lookup to select the original timesheet that you would like to make an adjustment to

    Batch ID: Enter the batch that belongs to the timesheet

    Employee ID: The employee assigned to the referenced timesheet will populate here

    Pay Period: The pay period from the referenced timesheet will populate

    Currency ID: This should be the currency

    In the Detail Box

    Date: This will auto fill with the beginning of the period. You can change the date to a date between the Period Begin and Period End.

    Project Number: Enter the project number for the adjustment.

    Cost Category ID: Enter the cost category for the adjustment.

    Quantity: Enter the () hours amount.

    Once you have all the adjustment amounts for the employee on the timesheet, you can save and post the batch.

    When posted through to payroll, there will be a NEG pay adjustment on the employee paycheck.

    By KTL Solutions | Technology Consulting Firm

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