Jump-Start Your Accounts Payable in 2017 with Purchasing, Invoice and Payment Automation

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To help you get started on your CFO’s hunt for accounting department improvements for 2017 – those efficiency gains that lead to faster month-end closing and savings - take a look at Ariett’s 7 most read ERP Software blogs on how to move to modern accounts payable.

Ariett is a leading provider of Cloud Purchase to Pay software for Dynamics GP.

Start with These Top 7 Articles Every Dynamics GP Customer Should Read

1) Look for Document Management and More:

Going paperless is key but it’s even more important to know what happens after an invoice is captured.  For starters, is an AP transaction created with default GL coding?  Read more…

2) Track That Capex Spend - and Internal Projects:

Trying really hard to track, manage and report on spending for a capex project, such as an IT buildout or office expansion project, or trying to track spending at hundreds of retail or restaurant locations?  Learn how to accomplish this with a contract tracking solution…

3) Simplify Procurement for Employees:

Richard, Rhianna and Riley in IT are busy. They all want to buy hardware components while on the go; learn how mobile requisitioning with PunchOut helps you gain visibility and control over spending.

4) Read up on Cost-Saving Procurement Trends:

CFOs today are laser-focused on big expenditures and require data at their fingertips on transactions across their operations.  That’s why they’re delighted to use and Ariett helps their employees to use an intuitive purchasing solution to make requests and approve from any device.  Read more…

5) Manage Invoice and Payment Approval in One Solution:

Why not kill two birds with one stone?  An integrated AP invoice capture to approval and payment solution helps financial managers to ensure segregation of duties at each step and to gain visibility throughout the purchasing cycle.  Read more…

6) Here’s Your AP Efficiency Savings Checklist for Dynamics GP:

Your AP team wants to spend more time on analyzing vendor spending trends and contracts and less time on mind-numbing data entry.  Learn the benefits of automatic invoice capture and invoice-PO-receipt matching and quick approval…

7) Look Under the Hood of your Cloud Procurement Provider:

We aren’t envisioning a grueling interrogation here, but you do want to ask some in-depth questions of solution providers, such as, “How do you ensure data security?” or “What are your GP integration points?”  Read more…

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