Document Management Bowl 2017: How to choose a champion

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One of the most popular American pastimes is coming up in just over a week: The Big Game. When the two best teams in American football go head-to-head to win the coveted title of Champion.

What does this have to do with document management software, you ask? Well, if you are planning to implement an AP automation/document management solution, it’s likely that you have been comparing software solutions for months (maybe years) in search of the best one. Now you’re down to the final two and it’s time to find the champion – the software that will provide the greatest ROI and most improved efficiency for your business. Think of it as the Document Management Bowl.

So, now that you’ve narrowed it down to the final two and have pitted them against each other, how do you choose a winner?

  1. Ask for references. Many companies have current customers that have agreed to be references for potential customers. This is a great chance for you to get some intel on the solutions you’re considering from someone who doesn’t work for the document management vendor.
  2. Ask about upcoming functionality and software upgrades. You want to make sure that your solution won’t just be supported in the future, but that it will continue to be enhanced as technology continues to advance. Ask your sales rep how often new upgrades come out and what’s on the docket as far as new functionality or modules.
  3. Check out one more demo. It’s like trying to decide between two shirts at the store – you should try them both on one more time, one right after the other. Watch the demos of the two solutions side-by-side, there could be something that you missed the first time around, or you may see an obvious winner!
  4. Price it out. Sit down and hash out all the details. You may know the price of the software implementation, but how much will it cost to train your staff? What is the price of support? Do you need to pay for upgrades? Will you need to transfer data? Talk with each of the vendors to see if you can mitigate any of these costs – if the functionality is truly the same, then your decision may just come down to price.

We know the pressure is on when it comes to choosing a winner from the final two solutions. Our advice: Remember what the most important aspects of document management are to your company and the pain points that you’re trying to alleviate, and choose a solution that will meet those needs and solve those problems.

Game on!

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