4 Steps to Secure Your Data Using EMS

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 4 Steps to Secure Your Data Using EMS

-Secure Your Data Using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)-


As if phishing, worms, and viruses didn’t cause enough problems for the CIO or CFO now businesses must protect themselves from ransomware.  Several major periodicals have reported stories on ransomware in the past few months.  In the January 13th Edition, The Week Magazine distilled the news noting that 300+ executives admitted to being affected by ransomware.  And of those 300 executives, 70% said their companies relinquished between $20 thousand and $40 thousand dollars to unlock their data to evade losing 100’s of thousands of dollars in business information.


To help companies avoid the problems of phishing, and ransomware Dynamics 365 enterprise edition includes Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). EMS protects you even with a single sign on approach.  This occurs as Dynamics 365 uses the same identity platform called Azure Active Directory (AAD) as Office 365, so a user of both services has the same username and password.

The 4 Step Process to Secure Your Data


AAD provides authentication for user access, helping to protect Dynamics 365 from unauthorized access. It simplifies the management of users and groups, and enables you or your IT department to assign and revoke privileges easily.  AAD currently provides single sign on (SSO) to more than 2,000 cloud applications, including Office 365, Salesforce.com, Box and ServiceNow. This service offers more than just single sign-on, it also offers 4 additional security steps:

  1. Risk-based conditional access helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.
  2. Built-in multi-factor authentication (MFA) allows your company to require users to provide both a password and something else, such as a code sent to their mobile phone, to sign on.
  3. Privileged identity management provides additional control over user identities that require privileged access.
  4. Secure remote access enable secure access to on-premises applications published with Azure AD without using a virtual private network (VPN).


To learn more about the steps taken to secure your companies data download the whitepaper below, or visit our blog: Cover Yourself in the Security of Dynamics 365


The result of these steps allows for SSO without the chaos, and happy employees only needing to keep track of a few passwords. Your users’ identities can still come from your own directory service—you’re still in control—but by exploiting the power of the cloud, you’ve given them easy access to both local and SaaS applications with a single sign-on. You’ve made life better for your users and simpler for your IT administrators.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security lets you empower your people to be productive on the devices they love while protecting your company’s assets. By moving what were on-premises services to the cloud, EMS helps your organization to be more productive, better managed, and more secure in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world. And by integrating these services with each other and with their on-premises cousins, it provides a complete solution unlike anything else in the industry today. By deploying EMS, you can make life better for your employees, and your business partners and customers.


Secure Your Data Using EMS


At Clients First Business Solutions, we are a both a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) with a team of tenured specialists with core competencies in the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics.  In fact we have over 170 years combined experience in Dynamics ERP.  To explore all the capabilities of Dynamics AX On-Premise, or Dynamics 365 and find out how this business solution can help your business in manufacturing whether it be for process or discrete, achieve its full potential reach out to one of our Dynamics AX offices:

Email: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, or call at 877.428.7205.

Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas , or call at 800.331.8382.

We are committed to making your work life easier through making ERP work harder for you and giving you better business processes as a result.


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