What is Paperless Automation?

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Here at Metafile, we call our document management system "MetaViewer Paperless Automation." This is because our solution goes beyond just Accounts Payable Automation. It encompasses accounts receivable, human resources, legal and beyond. Wherever your department processes paper, MetaViewer can automate it.

So, what does Paperless Automation entail? A document management solution, like MetaViewer, combines a number of capabilities for maximum efficiency.

  1. Automated Document Capture: An essential element of effective document management is the automated capture of documents, both paper and electronic. Data from documents that enter businesses electronically is extracted automatically. Documents that enter organizations on paper go through full-text OCR, eliminating manual data entry. This technology captures header and line-item data, and is subject to pre-defined business rules. When the data is extracted, the document management solution matches and links all documents that are related to a specific transaction and electronically attaches a GL code to the documents for posting within an ERP.
  2. Intelligent Workflow: No more walking invoices around the office for proper approval. Intelligent workflow within a paperless automation solution routes invoices for review and approval based on your organization's defined business rules. That way, managers can see the status of invoices in real-time and identify bottlenecks. Workflows can also be adjusted depending on the priority of specific types of documents, time-in-queue, etc.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting: The C-Suite needs full visibility into the invoicing processes at your company so they know what's going out, what's coming in and if there are lags. Document management solutions enable end-to-end, real-time monitoring and reporting that you don’t get when processes are paper-based.
  4. Integration with ERP Solutions: The right paperless automation solution will integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, eliminating the need for staff to learn a whole new system. This provides easy access to all of your financial documents – indexed, cross-referenced and organized by transaction – according to your unique business rules.

Paperless Automation goes beyond your AP department and makes all your paper processes more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective. Where could you see MetaViewer Paperless Automation working in your organization?

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