'Twas The AP & Payment Process Before MineralTree

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twas the process before mineraltree

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we hope your team is able to focus on the family celebrations ahead!

The MineralTree team is happy to share a little jingle with you on all the holiday benefits of accounts payable (AP) automation – we hope you don’t find yourself in Dora’s shoes!

From all of us here, we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the office
Not a creature was stirring, not a soul in the business.
The papers were filed in the cabinets with care,
In hopes that the auditor would not show up there.
Everyone had gone home and were snuggling in their beds,
To dream of sugarplums, candy and the celebration ahead.


But who is that, way in the back?
Dora still had her light on, she must've got sidetracked.
Everyone had gone home, yet she was still here,
Trying to reconcile her year.
Papers were stacked so high on her desk,
And she was crying because all her approvers had left.
Not one signer, approver, or authorizer in sight,
She said to herself "This just doesn't seem right!
I'm still here and not a co-worker in sight."


Then what to her wondering eyes did appear,
The MineralTree fairy with good news to share.
"Let me show you how to leave this stress,
Goodbye to paper, filing and not knowing what's coming next."
The fairy told Dora all about AP automation,
It would ensure that, she herself, could also enjoy some vacation.
Imagine accessing your work from any device and any location,
This itself was cause for celebration.
Auto-route approval requests with just one click,
And making payments have never been easier,
You will never be late again she said.


So onto the MineralTree website Dora went to see if this could be true,
Quickly discovering her AP was antiquated - who knew?
Then a twinkle caught in her eye,
As she realized what was in front of her all this time.
"I've been chasing my team to get my work done,
But all I needed was a tool to automate the workflow for everyone."
She couldn't believe this tool could exist,
By everyone still manually doing AP, this must have been missed!
Why am I trying to track payments down,
When they could be automated so I can go out on the town?
All the paper, check printing and approver chasing was such a mess,
Now invoice to payment is just 4 easy steps.


Using the ROI calculator, Dora also realized,
That the cost savings for her company was of significant size.
Fraud prevention built in is an added reassurance,
That protections are in place regardless of insurance.
Finding that invoice has never been done with this much ease,
With built-in filtering, it's all such a breeze.
Integrations with Microsoft GP, Intacct, QuickBooks and NetSuite,
This 2-way sync is something that can't be beat.
Our CFO agrees, the MineralTree fairy was right,
AP automation will make our future even more bright.
Now Dora can focus on the business tasks at hand,
Knowing that her automated AP workflow is running in the backend.


With a flick of the fairy's wand and a click from Dora,
MineralTree was up and running, she could go home to light the menorah!
She clicked off her light and ran to the door,
Soon she would be home snuggled in bed dreaming of treats galore.


The MineralTree fairy had one last thing to say...

Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!

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