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Setting up Purchase Order Approvals in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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New enhancements to Purchase orders allow you to set up a limited way to allow purchase order approvals in Microsoft Dynamics GP without having to add on any additional software.

The approval set up button will show you the list of users you have available in Microsoft Dynamics GP. There you will see the approval type where you can set up levels and restrictions based on dollar amounts. Then you assign who that user reports to.

Then you can choose the security type:

  1. The user can only approve POs for users that report to them
  2. The user can approve POs for any user up to the approval authority.

Keep in mind the approval settings are specifically based on dollar amount and security type.

If you don’t mark anyone, it will tell you it recommends you set up one user with unlimited approval authority. Without that person, you won’t have anyone that can go in and fix any errors or stuck approvals in the system.

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