Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

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Microsoft made an announcement in 2015 that indicated it would continue to release a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV each year. With the past release of Dynamics NAV 2016 and this year's new release, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, the software developer has made good on that promise. This new iteration of the popular ERP solution offers small and midsize businesses a number of attractive features, including integration with Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant and machine learning tool. This feature, previously included with consumer technology and software for large companies, is indicative of a shift in how Microsoft is marketing some of its most powerful tools.

Cortana and other tools previously focused almost exclusively on large businesses are now more available to smaller and midsize organizations, which opens new doors for efficiency and productivity. More advantages, like integration with Microsoft Office and access to cross-platform, individualized apps for specific users are also part of the additions Microsoft made to the newest iteration of this ERP solution. To learn more, read this recent blog about the release from The TM Group.

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