Why Hybrid Cloud ERP Equals a Successful Cloud Transition

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Hybrid Cloud ERP

Hybrid cloud solutions have been receiving a bit of negative press lately, but mainly because cloud technology is undergoing a massive explosion. Some pundits warn that it could be the next bubble. They point to single-minded start-ups with silver bullet solutions. In reality, choosing an established service firm over a start-up means that your transition to cloud ERP can be smooth, controlled and bubble-proof.

With Forbes data "indicating that nearly 80% of small and mid-size businesses will shift to the cloud in 2020," adopting a customized transition plan (and following through) will help your organization remain competitive.


Making the transition from a datacenter, or even an on-site server, to the cloud is fraught with concern. Security, management, not to mention the expense of the original infrastructure, are valid reasons to resist transitioning to the cloud. In such instances, hybrid solutions offer a controlled and pragmatic means to transition your business intelligence and operations, in part or entirely, without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Using a platform that is capable of working in both on- and offline environments is necessary.

Enterprise Flexibility

This brings us to cloud ERP specifically. The benefits of platforms like Microsoft Azure is that it communicates with a slew of services available through Microsoft Dynamics. This includes the newly released Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL and Dynamics NAV. Cloud ERP services are scalable, both up and down, and customized to optimize your employees' efficiency by providing them with a convenient, easily accessible and familiar environment.

Whether your organization is determined to move all of your services to the cloud, or transition new data while keeping legacy information offline, or if you are interested in exploring options not available from off-the-shelf services, then please contact us to discuss how a Hybrid Cloud ERP setup could be the right fit for your company.



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