Four User Reviews On Choosing A Dynamics GP Partner That Shares Your Approach

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If you’ve done all the research and decided to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution, how important is your choice of Dynamics GP partner?

It’s a good question. Think about it this way: During the implementation process and hopefully for years to come, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your Dynamics GP partner – what with ongoing upgrades and personal support. Doesn’t it make sense to choose a partner with the same business ethics and work approach that you apply to your own business?

Listen to what Robert at Modern Tire said about their experience working with CAL Business Solutions: “CAL does business the way we do business; stand behind the product and the work and make the customer happy.”

In the ERP software market today, some vendors who have catered to the large business market are reaching out to small and mid-sized businesses. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, as a small business person you might wonder if they really understand how your small company does business. If your start-up, bare bones manufacturing company operates out of your garage, will high-end consultants actually be on the same page when you speak of economy and efficiency or will they always be trying to talk you into things you’re not ready for?

Conversely, if yours is a corporate environment with a high-level chain of accountability, selecting a software partner that is a “one man operation” also may not be the best choice. His work style may be more flexible while you need structure, milestones and spiral bound reports to answer to your board of directors.

Another CAL Business Solutions client, Gary at Amax, said: “We looked at several Dynamics partners. Some had all the buzzwords and platitudes. But when speaking with CAL we thought, ‘these are really nuts and bolts guys’”. That’s Amax’s style and that’s the style they looked for in a partner.

Most software partners have the technical knowhow to get the job done and eventually get it done the way you’re satisfied with. But how much better to discover a partner that will make the process stress free for you, a partner with a style that complements your own, a partner who you can count on for years to come.

How can you know if a Dynamics GP partner is the best one for you?

You’ll have to do some investigative work. Perusing the website of a potential partner may not tell you the whole story. While it’s a good starting place and can outline their approach and the size of their operations, it will be hard to understand their work ethic and personality without a face to face meet-up.

Ask to visit their offices and meet the team. If this is not possible, see if they have a company video such as the one CAL Business Solutions has at

Inquire about the size of the company, the number of accounts and the typical size and industries of their clients. If they have experience working with companies similar to yours, that’s one point in their favor.

They should be happy to provide you with references from satisfied clients. Check with the references and ask them particularly about the prospective partner’s working style. Compare that to your own style.

It would also be beneficial to talk to the consultants who will actually be working on your project after you purchase, not just the salesperson. You will be spending a lot of time working with these consultants, and you ought to be certain that you can make a connection and work amicably and successfully together.

Another client, Andrea at Thor Specialty Chemical, said: “The CAL team is great to work with. They involve me in the process and speak in terms I can understand. It’s not just all techy speak and code words.”

You will also want to be sure that your partner is one who has experience working with clients in your particular field. You don’t want to have to educate them about your industry before they can figure out what you need. If your working terms such as ‘drop ship’ and ‘inventory turns’ are unknown to them, communication will be difficult. If you work with a Dynamics GP partner who has other successful implementations in your industry, you can actually benefit from their experience.

Another of our clients, Rich from Innovative Medical Products, told us that one reason his project was a success was because, “The CAL team has great process knowledge of our distribution business.”

If you are selecting a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner – don’t just choose based on location or price. Evaluate the working style and company personality of the partner and choose someone that is a match for you.

If you are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP, we invite you to contact us at CAL Business Solutions, 860-485-0910 or [email protected]

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