Why Distribution Companies Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

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There are software solutions specifically designed for distribution companies. They may be rich in industry features but many are not also strong in financial features. Surely your distribution company needs a solution that is strong in both areas. That is why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics GP for distribution companies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven itself to be a full financial reporting and business intelligence solution. Built on a stable SQL database, it is easy to install and its out of the box functionality can be up and running quickly yet still be adaptable to the changing needs of your growing business. Best of all, it is affordable for most small and mid-size companies.

But, beyond financials, what does Microsoft Dynamics GP offer for distribution companies?

Dynamics GP is a fantastic core system for finance plus sales order processing, inventory control and purchasing and you can choose from hundreds of add on tools specifically designed for the distribution industry. Set up your Dynamics GP to help you accomplish all your distribution needs without sacrificing the core financial features. With Dynamics GP for distribution you always have the power to choose the best features for your specific requirements.

For instance, while other accounting software packages might give you one or two options for EDI, Dynamics GP gives you at least fourteen different options. You choose what works best for your company. Adapt the software to your processes, not vice versa.

Other tools for distribution include 3PL integration, e-commerce, BarcodingLot/Serial Tracking, Container Management, Integrated Carrier Shipping, Inventory Planning Bill of Materials and Warehouse management systems (WMS) to name a few.

These add-on tools and many more are specifically designed to work with Dynamics GP and are often so seamless that you don’t even realize they are add-ons. Think of it as an ERP with apps. You have the core engine to make it run, and the add-on apps to give you exactly what you want. The add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to grow your distribution business in any direction you choose. Check out some of the apps we recommend at www.calszone.com/marketplace

Now that you’ve chosen an ERP solution for your distribution company, be sure to choose a partner to help you implement it. True, the software itself is suited to your industry. But a partner should be well versed in your business processes as well as in the software. CAL Business Solutions has over seventy-five distribution companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP. We’ve developed best practices and can use them to enhance your implementation and ongoing support.

At CAL Business Solutions we have team members who have the lived the distribution process, running their own distribution companies from the ground up. It is not just surface knowledge and not just related to software solutions; they have real-life experience. We understand distribution from the inside out and have a dedicated team working with our distribution clients.

Visit our website to watch some short video testimonials to hear what some of our distribution clients have said about working with CAL Business Solutions

If you are a distribution company evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact CAL Business Solutions – 860-485-0910x4 or [email protected] .  We can help you determine whether Dynamics GP will be the best solution for your distribution company.

Start by requesting a free automated Dynamics GP Quick Quote and download our white paper: 10 Questions every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software.

Dynamics GP’s strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, manufacturing, and integrated CRM help ensure that this is a solution that will cover your needs now and for years to come as your distribution company continues to grow.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Distribution, www.calszone.com

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